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Here you can learn the stories of satisfied parents whose children were educated at the Music Conversatory.

I would like to recommend the lessons at the Music Conversatory in which my daughter Helenka participates.

We came to the Music Conversatory a bit by accident, a bit on a trial basis. It was supposed to be only for one month, but after a month it turned out that my 6-year-old daughter, who had never learned to play any instrument before, recognizes the notes and likes playing the piano more and more. After the holidays it was clear that we would not quit school, and after another month a piano appeared in our apartment. Despite the passage of time, Helenka continues to attend classes with great joy. I think that this is mainly due to the great teacher, Mrs. Bogna Kołodziej, thanks to her Helenka sits down to play with joy, not forced, but with great motivation.

When I asked Helenka why she likes going to these classes so much, I heard that because Ms. Bogna is nice, that she can learn to read new notes, she gets to know the instruments, that she has a great time in the class, often plays interesting games and not just the piano.

I also appreciate this school precisely because Helenka can develop musically in a very wide range. He not only learns to play an instrument, but also receives a real music education. I am extremely proud when hearing Helenka's musical piece on the radio can surprise me saying: "Mum, this is the Vivaldi".

I sincerely recommend the Music Seminar to those who care about the development and sensitization of a child's music without the stress associated with a "traditional" music school. Here the child has a chance to learn to enjoy playing games.

- Marta Mazurkiewicz

We and my son had the incredible (!) pleasure to meet both ladies at the audition. Both me and Kuba (!) Left enchanted. Full professionalism combined with the heart for music, and for children and for teaching them, and in addition the place itself seems to be enchanted. You can see that children come here because they like it, not because they have to. We decided not only for financial reasons, but we support and endorse the opinion of Mother Helen. Jakub's mother

- Magdalena Czerwińska-Strzelczyk

I am a mother of two daughters who started their education with Mrs. Bogna at the same time. After a few classes, it was clear how eagerly the girls come to the seminar and how (often) it is difficult to determine the practice schedule of both pianists at home :). The piano (one piece) appeared after the fourth lesson and the music is constantly present in our home.

Fascinated by the enthusiasm of my daughters, I also put myself into the patient care of Mrs. Grażyna :).

Learning to play the piano with Mrs. Bogna and Mrs. Grażyna is not only learning sheet music. It is also great fun, pleasure, relaxation and a great time. When learning to play the piano (and sometimes also the piano), all three react to music differently, we listen to it differently and each of us has its own unique value.

As parents, we are fascinated by how music has allowed our daughters to open up and how much joy and satisfaction it gives them.

Bogna's extraordinary pedagogical talent, enthusiasm and commitment emanating from her during each lesson combined with innovative and interesting learning methods are admirable. This is an example of a teacher who, working with passion, can "infect" his students with it ... Anyway, when I started learning to play the piano as an adult with Mrs. Grażyna, I have no doubt that Mrs. Bogna's talent is simply "innate" :).

Thank you very much and we strongly recommend this magical place and wonderful, warm and professional teachers.

- Ewelina Stobiecka (proud mother)

I am the father of 5.5-year-old Natalka.

In May 2014, Natalka began her adventure in learning to play the piano at the Music Conversatory at ul. Poznańska 39 in Warsaw by Mrs. Grażyna and Bogna Kołodziej. From the very beginning of learning the game, Ms. Bogna takes care of her daughter.

As a parent, I am very pleasantly surprised by the methodology of learning the game that is used in these classes. The use of Lego blocks, puzzles, various aural games and plays, interwoven with learning notes, keyboard layout, instruments and the history of composers, makes it difficult for my daughter to stop lessons and return home.

You do not have to wait long for the positive effects of learning, because the recognition of melodies and their authors, as well as independent playing of the first Christmas carols or the "Happy Birthday" melody brought a lot of joy and warmth to our home.

And there is a lot to write about fun in class. Mrs. Bogna puts it into every lesson.

At least that's what I heard through the door.

- Grzegorz Sienkiewicz

Our daughter started piano lessons at the conservatory when she was five years old. We didn't know if she would like to play the piano or if we would be able to help her learn. After six months of learning to play the piano, not only my daughter is eager to play the instrument, but my husband also started to play.

Together with my husband, we are glad that the child's success in learning is the joint work of the teacher, parent and of course the child. The teacher has the main role, because he or she sets the direction, pace and content of learning. Without a good guide, it would be difficult to succeed. We would like to thank Mrs. Bogna for her commitment and faith in the child's abilities.

- Katarzyna Proctor

I am a mother of a 4-year-old boy who for the second year (twice a week for 50 minutes) participates in classes conducted by Mrs. Bogna Kołodziej.

During this time, Ms. Bogna proved to be a person very involved in her activities, extremely creative and able to adapt the curriculum to the individual needs of the child. Ms Bogna copes perfectly with my Son, who while having a good time acquires knowledge and musical skills (my son has surprised me more than once with his knowledge of musical instruments at concerts at the Philharmonic as well as songs).

The classes are interesting and comprehensively developing musically. The son very willingly participates in them, and is a child full of energy and unable to stay in one place for a long time.

Additionally, Ms. Bogna is a kind, patient and fond of children. I sincerely recommend classes with Mrs. Bogna.

- D.W.

I work as a set designer and interior decorator on film sets. Every day in my work I know about the lack of time, changing situations and high nervousness. As a child, I learned to play the piano. Years later, I missed playing an instrument. A piano appeared in the house. I thought that it would be impossible to reconcile this difficult work with the lessons in the Seminar.

But it works, and it gives me great satisfaction. It's such an hour only for me. I rest, switch off and do something completely different. A specific music therapy. I leave lessons with an open mind, full of energy and new ideas for Life. And it starts to play better and better! Recently I signed up for my husband's theses too. My dream is that we should play 4-hands one day.

– Ineza Bodyk